Real Life Psychic and Psychic Reading Experiences

Here you can read about real life psychic and psychic reading experiences. Many people from all over the world claim to have had some sort of psychic experience.

Also many people have received one or more psychic readings in their lifetime. We would love to share with you some of these real life experiences. 

We only post the positive experiences were people have actually received real psychic guidance and the reading has helped them in a positive way. 

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Real Psychic Experiences by our Readers


I actually contacted a psychic medium right after my dad had past and she was very accurate about everything. She could tell me all about the relationship between my dad and I and she also knew about his illness and the way he died. 

My dad also never had an easy life and some very specific things happend to him when he was younger. She also knew about that. She could even tell about his last minutes in the hospital and how my dad saw our family holding his hands and lighting candles with the pastor. She could tell the exact words my mom told my dad when he was sleeping a couple of minutes before his dead. It blew my mind. I will never question the existince of life after death anymore. Yes I know many mediums are fake but now I also now for sure that there are also real mediums that actually are able to contact spirits and people who have crossed over. She really never could have known all these things. It makes me happy knowing that my dad is still with us.


My mom is a medium herself and she often uses a quija board to talk to spirits. I have seen strange things happen when she uses it. Music starts playing by itself, doors open and close and one time 2 of the 3 candles that were burning went out at the same time. I don't think this was due to bad spirits but I definitely don't like to play around with it and I always sage the house after she is done, just to be sure.