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Are you in need of a totally free psychic answer to your burning question? Have you been searching the internet for a psychic chat that allows you to ask a psychic question for free but without any luck? Then we are glad to tell you that it is absolutely possible to ask a free question to a trusted psychic without any further obligations. Often times websites promise free questions but these are actually almost never completely free. We would love to share with you a website that actually offers psychic questions and 10 minute psychic readings at no cost. Keep reading to find out all you need to know to get your psychic answer in no time. 

How to Get a Free Psychic Answer

All you have to do is register a free account at Oranum. After registration you will get immediate access to all the free psychic chat rooms. 

Many psychics use their free public chat rooms to offer some free psychic readings and answer questions at no cost. This way they can show their talents and skills and show people that they are really able to provide accurate psychic readings.

But it is important to keep in mind that the public chat rooms are not for asking free questions but rather for getting to know the psychics and ask them about their experise.

That being said, many of the psychics are willing to answer questions and some even offer free tarot questions on a regular basis. 

Many psychics also like to play games like ''Pick a Card'' or ''Yes or NO''.

When joining the free chat rooms it should be fairly easy to get an accurate and honest answer to your question in no time. 

Get the Best Free Psychic Answer by Online Chat
Get the Best Free Psychic Answer by Online Chat

Ask a Free Psychic Question Immediately

Another way to get an answer to your burning question immediately is by registering and validating a credit card. There is no need to make a deposit. All new registered users who validate a credit card will get 9,99 credits added to their account which they can use for a totally free reading with a psychic of their choice. 

Are there More Websites that Offer Free Psychic Answers?

There are of course more websites who claim to provide accurate psychic answers at no cost. But most of these websites provide the answers after buying credits. There are no other websites like Oranum Psychics that offer this unlimited psychic chat at no cost and who offer free answers on a regular basis without any further obligations. 

Is Psychic Chat the Only Way to Get a Free Answer?

Psychic chat rooms are the most convenient and also easiest way to get a free answer. It is not possible to get a 100% free answer by calling a psychic or medium. The fact that calling by itself is never free is also a big part of it. Chatting of course doesn't have to cost anything. For this reason, psychic answers via chat can be given easily at no cost as well. 

If you are looking to get a no cost psychic answer via phone or sms you will probably not find it. The chances are that you have to spend some money first on order to get some additional answers for free. So yes, psychic chat is the only way to get some psychic answers totally for free. But If you have found a psychic platform other than a chat platform where you can get psychic medium answers 100% for free then please let us know.

Are Free Psychic Answers Accurate?

Yes, they can be very accurate but it depends on the psychic reader who provides the answers. A free answer can be just as accurate as a paid psychic reading. 

A genuine psychic reader will always try their best to provide you the most accurate answer possible. Free psychic readings are like demo readings. When the person who received the answers is satisfied then they could become a paying customer. The whole point of the free answers of course is to convince people of the psychic's talents so that they become interested in a paid reading. 

So it makes sense that a good psychic will always give you a honest and genuine answer. Of course you should watch out for fake psychics who are only out to get your money.

Make sure to do your research before contacting a psychic. 

Why aren't Psychic Readings Always Free?

Psychic work is also work and psychics need to pay bills too. Nobody likes to work for free all day. Psychic reading costs a lot of energy and time and therefore it is not strange that psychics get paid for their services too. Some people believe that psychic readings should be free. But ask yourself, if you would have psychic abilities would you work all day without getting paid to feed your family? Probably not.. 

Free Love Psychic Question

Love psychic questions are the most popular questions in online psychic chat rooms. Many psychics are experienced in answering these kind of questions. Are you looking to get insight in your current relationship? Or do you have question regarding your future love life? Then you could try a completely free psychic chat to get an answer to your love related question in no time.

Free Psychic Yes or No Questions

Many people who are seeking a psychic answer are looking to get a quick and simple answer, preferably ''Yes or No''. What we would like to say about these answers is that you should always keep in mind that sometimes a simple Yes or No answer is not available. Especially when it comes to future related outcomes. 

This due to the face that the future is not always set in stone. Many of the future outcomes are created by your own personal choices and actions. 

This means that your future is in your control. That being said, some outcomes are related to your karma and life lessons you need to learn this lifetime. These outcomes are set in stone and destined to happen in order for your to learn the lesson you are supposed to learn. 

Tips when Asking a Free Yes or No question

When you want to ask a simple question to get a Yes or No answer then we would like to advice you to ask the question in a way that the psychic will give you the Yes or No answer but will also add some additional information. 

This will always benefit you more. Most of the times a Yes or No answer will leave you having even more questions. People are curious creatures and we are always looking for more information that will help us understand a situation better. A more detailed answer will offer clarity as well as guidance and insight which is often times very much needed. 

For example, if you would like to know if your relationship has any chance to survive you could ask: Will we stay together? But it's recommended to ask: Is there anything I can do to make the relationship better? As you can see, the answer to the second question would probably benefit your most. As the psychic will be more tempted to give you some more details to clarify the answer. Also like said before, It could be that the outcome is not part of your karma and you are able to stear the situation in any direction. A more detailed answer could be the key to the survival of your relationship. 


Totally free psychic answers are a great way to get familiar with psychic readings. They are suitable for people who are skeptical or for those who are not sure if psychic readings are worth their money. Free answers are like demo readings that could help people decide of they would like to get a paid psychic reading which lasts longer and is often much more detailed. There are a couple of sites who offer free answers but after doing research we believe that Oranum is the best website if you are looking for free answers on a regular basis and when you are interested in chatting with psychics about spiritual related topics for free. 

This article is written by Cindy Cilissen, spiritualist with years of experience in doing research about spirituality, paranormal abilities and phenomena.

This article contains affiliate links.

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