Crystal Reading: Which Stone Suits your Needs Best


Are you looking for the best crystal for help and guidance? For centuries, people have believed in the healing power of crystals. From ancient civilizations to modern times, these beautiful stones have been used to restore balance, bring prosperity, and ward off negative energies. Each crystal is believed to have its unique vibration, which can interact with our own energy to bring about positive changes.

Now, how do we know which crystal is right for us at any given moment? That's where psychics come into play. By tapping into our energy during a crystal reading, they can sense any imbalances or needs we might have. 

With this insight, they recommend the perfect crystal to help us face challenges, heal, or grow. Whether we're seeking comfort, courage, or clarity, there's a stone out there waiting to assist us. As we embark on this journey, let's delve deeper into how crystals and psychics work hand in hand to guide us.

Crystal Reading to Determine which Crystal suits your Needs Best
Crystal Reading to Determine which Crystal suits your Needs Best

Energy and its Manifestations

Have you ever felt an instant mood shift, maybe a burst of happiness or a sudden gloom? That's energy at work! Everything, including us, is made of energy. Imagine we all have a colorful bubble around us, that's our aura. It changes colors based on our feelings and health.

Now, within our bodies, there are seven main energy centers called chakras. Think of them as spinning wheels that keep our physical and emotional selves in balance. From the base of our spine to the top of our head, these chakras play a big role in how we feel and act.

This energy is just in us and also it's everywhere! It's why certain places feel cozy and others might give you the creeps. It's why some days are just 'off,' and others you feel on top of the world. By understanding our auras and chakras, we can better navigate our daily lives, making the most of the good vibes and shaking off the bad ones.

The Process of Psychic Crystal Reading

Imagine walking into a room filled with different music playing at various volumes. Some tunes might resonate with you, making you feel alive, while others may seem jarring.

Similarly, our bodies emit their unique energy "songs." Psychics, with their heightened senses, can "hear" these tunes. By tapping into our energy, they get a sense of our emotions, challenges, and needs.

Now, just as every person has a distinct energy, each crystal sings its unique melody. Think of them as nature's radio stations, each broadcasting a specific frequency. Some crystals might give off calming vibes, while others might energize or inspire. The trick lies in matching the right crystal frequency with our current energy needs.

This matching process is crucial. Just as a calming lullaby can soothe a restless child, the right crystal can bring balance and healing to our lives. On the other hand, the wrong match might not have the desired effect or could even clash with our current state.

In essence, psychics act as skilled DJs. They listen to our energy, understand the imbalances or desires, and then suggest a crystal that harmonizes best with us. By aligning with the right stone, we can harness its power, aiding us in healing, personal growth, or facing challenges. 

Crystals for Specific Needs

Life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, with its highs, lows, and unexpected turns. Just as we have different outfits for various occasions, think of crystals as tools tailored for specific moments in our journey. Whether you're seeking solace, a sprinkle of luck, a nudge towards fertility, or a boost of confidence, there's a crystal waiting to lend a hand. Let's explore some of these magical stones and discover how they can support us in our unique quests. 

Crystals and their Healing Powers
Crystals and their Healing Powers

Crystals for Depression: Amethyst

Ever felt like a cloud is hanging over your head, making everything seem gloomy? Amethyst might be the ray of sunshine you need. This beautiful purple stone is like a gentle friend that whispers words of comfort. It's known to calm the mind, sort of like a warm blanket on a cold day. When emotions run wild, Amethyst helps balance them out, ensuring you don't feel too high or too low. And the best part? It promotes a sense of inner peace, making the world seem a little brighter. You can meditate holding this gem, wear it close to your heart as jewelry, or even place it in your room. Think of it as your personal beacon of hope. 

Crystals for Good Luck: Citrine

Want a sprinkle of good fortune? Citrine's your go-to gem. This sunny stone is like a magnet for good vibes. It's believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Imagine it as a little cheerleader, always rooting for you and bringing opportunities your way. To tap into its power, you can carry Citrine in your pocket, especially when you're aiming for success.

Placing it in wealth corners of your home can also amplify its effects. Or, wear it as a pendant and let it be your personal lucky charm.

Crystals for Fertility: Moonstone

Moonstone, with its gentle glow, mirrors the moon's phases and our body's rhythms. It's like Mother Nature's lullaby for those wishing to conceive. This stone helps harmonize the body's natural rhythms, ensuring everything's in sync. Plus, it's said to enhance reproductive health, making the journey to parenthood smoother. To harness its energy, wear Moonstone close to the lower abdomen. Or, during meditation, hold it over your sacral chakra and visualize your desired outcome. 

Crystals for Self-Confidence: Carnelian

Ever need a pep talk before facing a challenge? Carnelian is like your personal coach, always in your corner. This fiery stone boosts courage, lights a spark of motivation, and reminds you of your worth. It's like a shot of espresso for your spirit, making you feel invincible. To keep its empowering energy close, wear Carnelian as a bracelet or necklace. You can also pop it into your pocket, ensuring you always step out with confidence. 

Selecting and Caring for Your Crystals

When you're out shopping, have you ever felt a piece of clothing calling out to you, even if it wasn't the latest trend? Picking crystals is a bit like that. Sure, a psychic might recommend a stone based on your energy, but trust your gut too. Sometimes, you're drawn to a crystal because it resonates with something deep inside. It's like making a new friend, there should be a connection.

Now, once you've got your crystal, think of it as a plant. Just as plants need water and sunlight, your crystal needs some love too. Over time, it can collect energy, some of which might not be so great. So, give it a cleanse! You can do this by bathing it in moonlight, letting it soak in saltwater, or even holding it under running tap water. Imagine washing away any negative vibes.

And don't forget to recharge it. Just as we feel energized after a good nap, crystals can benefit from a little rest and rejuvenation. Placing them in sunlight or moonlight does the trick. It's like giving them a mini-vacation.

In short, choose your crystal with your heart, and take good care of it. It's not just a stone, it's your companion on this journey called life.

Power of Crystals
Power of Crystals

Crystals in Popular Culture

Crystals aren't just for healers or psychics, they've been making waves in movies, books, and even with celebrities. Remember that movie where the hero finds a magical crystal that saves the day? Or that famous author who wrote about stones with special powers? Yes, the world of entertainment has been sprinkling crystal magic all over.

Celebrities, too, are joining the crystal fan club. From wearing them as stunning jewelry on the red carpet to talking about their favorite stones in interviews, they're making crystals trendy. When a big star says they love rose quartz for its love vibes or amethyst for peace, guess what? Their fans might rush to get one too!

All this buzz in movies, books, and with celebrities gives crystals a spotlight. But here's a thing to remember: while the media can make a crystal super popular overnight, it's essential to choose a stone that feels right for you. Sometimes, what's trendy might not be what you genuinely need. So, while it's fun to see crystals shine in pop culture, always trust your feelings when picking one for yourself. After all, it's your personal journey, not a trend! But if you are confused about which crystal is best for you right now then you might take the help of psychics. They specialize in suggesting the perfect crystal to align with your current needs.

Incorporating Crystals into Daily Rituals

Crystals are not just pretty decorations; they can be part of our everyday life, adding a touch of magic and wellness. Ever noticed beauty products with labels like "infused with rose quartz" or "amethyst essence"? That's the beauty world blending the power of crystals into creams, serums, and even makeup. These crystal-infused products don't just make you look good, they bring along the positive vibes of the stone. Imagine applying a lotion and getting both soft skin and a dose of love energy from rose quartz.

Now, for those who love a moment of calm, crystals can be your buddies during meditation or yoga. Picture this: you're about to meditate, and you hold a clear quartz in your hand. As you breathe and find your center, the crystal amplifies your focus, making your session even more powerful. Or maybe you're in a yoga pose with an amethyst placed nearby, helping bring tranquility to your practice.

If you're ever unsure about which crystal to use in these rituals, a psychic can guide you. They can suggest the right stone that aligns with your current needs or intentions. Remember, crystals aren't just sparkly rocks; they're tools that, when used mindfully, can enhance your daily routines and overall well-being.

Healing Spaces: Creating a Sanctuary with Crystals

Home is where the heart is, and with a sprinkle of crystal magic, it can also be a haven for your soul. Crystals, with their calming and energizing vibes, can transform ordinary spaces into peaceful sanctuaries. 

Setting Up a Crystal Altar

Think of an altar as a special corner in your home, a place just for you and your thoughts. Here's a simple way to start:

1. Choose a quiet spot, maybe a windowsill or a small table.

2. Clean the area, making it free from clutter.

3. Place a cloth or mat as the base. Now, pick your favorite crystals. It could be a calming amethyst, a loving rose quartz, or any stone that speaks to you.

4. Add other items if you like - maybe a candle, some flowers, or a picture that's close to your heart.

5. Spend a few moments there daily, soaking in the energies.

Crystal Altar for Peace and Positivity
Crystal Altar for Peace and Positivity

Crystals for Sleep and Dreams

Ever had nights where sleep seems miles away? Or dreams that leave you puzzled? Crystals can be your nighttime buddies. For a peaceful slumber, place an amethyst or moonstone under your pillow or by your bedside. Amethyst is known to calm the mind, while moonstone can bring sweet dreams. If nightmares are a bother, try black tourmaline. This stone is believed to ward off negative vibes, ensuring only the good dreams come through.

Remember, it's not just about placing stones around. It's about creating a space where you feel safe, relaxed, and connected. If you're unsure about which crystals to choose, consulting a psychic can offer guidance tailored to your needs. Let both your intuition and their insights guide you. Pick the crystals that resonate with you, and transform your home into a healing sanctuary.

Children and Crystals: A Special Connection

Kids have a wonderful, innocent way of connecting with the world. Their openness often allows them to feel things more deeply, including the subtle energies of crystals. 

Natural Connection with Crystal Energies

Children, with their pure hearts and curious minds, often pick up on things adults might overlook. Just as they are drawn to the warmth of a hug or the colors of a rainbow, they can sense the gentle vibes from crystals. This sensitivity makes them naturally attuned to the energies of these stones. You might notice a child being calmed by a piece of rose quartz or being drawn to the sparkle of a clear quartz, not just because it's shiny, but because of the energy it emits.

Safest Crystals for Kids

While many crystals are beneficial, it's essential to choose ones that are safe for kids, both in energy and size (to avoid choking hazards). Some safe and gentle options include rose quartz (for love and comfort), amethyst (for calmness), and tiger's eye (for courage). When introducing crystals to children, it's good to start with a storytelling approach. Share a fun tale about how a brave tiger's spirit lives in the tiger's eye or how rose quartz is like a loving hug from Mother Earth. This way, they not only connect with the stone but also cherish the stories and feelings associated with it.

Whether it's through stories, play, or simple curiosity, children and crystals share a beautiful, unspoken bond. With the right guidance, perhaps from parents or even a knowledgeable psychic, this relationship can foster growth, understanding, and inner peace.

Advanced Crystal Practices

Crystals have more tricks up their sleeves than we might think. Beyond their beauty, they play a starring role in some special practices. 

Elixirs and Potions with Crystal-Infused Water

Imagine drinking water that's soaked up the goodness of crystals. That's what crystal elixirs are! By letting a crystal sit in water for a while, the water takes on some of the stone's positive vibes. Drinking this can be like taking a sip of calmness or courage, depending on the crystal. But a word of caution: not all crystals are safe to put in water. Always do a little research or ask a knowledgeable psychic before making an elixir. 

Crystal Gazing or Scrying

Ever seen movies where someone gazes into a crystal ball to see the future? That's called crystal gazing or scrying. It's an ancient art where psychics use a clear crystal, often quartz, as a window to gain insights. By staring into the crystal, they can pick up on images, feelings, or even messages. It's not about magic tricks; it's more about the psychic tuning into the energy of the crystal and turning of their thoughts to connect with Universe to receive guidance.

Both these practices show that crystals aren't just for decoration. With the right knowledge and, often, the guidance of a skilled psychic, they can be powerful tools in our journey towards understanding, healing, and growth.

Crystal Ball Gazing for Insight and Guidance
Crystal Ball Gazing for Insight and Guidance

The Evolution of Crystal Reading

Crystals have whispered their secrets to us for centuries. But the way we've listened has changed over time. 

Historical Practices vs. Modern Methodologies

In ancient times, tribes and wise folks would use crystals in rituals, believing them to be gifts from the gods. A simple touch or gaze into a crystal could provide answers or guidance. Fast forward to today, and the methods have evolved. Modern psychics might combine traditional practices with new techniques, using tools like electronic energy meters or even integrating crystal energies with meditation apps. 

The Potential Future of Crystal Psychic Reading

As more people embrace the world of crystals, the future looks bright and shiny! We might see more scientific research exploring the energies of crystals. Or imagine virtual reality sessions where a psychic guides you through a crystal meditation, even if you're miles apart.

Through the ages, while our methods have changed, one thing remains: our deep connection with crystals. As we look forward, with both tradition and innovation in our toolkit, the bond between humans and these sparkling stones is only set to grow stronger.

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The world of crystals is like a hidden treasure chest, full of sparkling wonders just waiting to be discovered. Each stone, with its unique color and energy, holds stories and secrets that have echoed through time.

While psychics offer a guiding hand, pointing us to the crystals that might benefit us the most, the true magic begins when we trust our feelings. Like how a song feels right on certain days, or how a particular color brightens our mood, crystals resonate differently with each of us.

It's a journey of personal exploration. Whether you're drawn to the calming vibes of an amethyst or the fiery energy of a carnelian, it's your intuition and connection that matter most. Psychics can provide insights, but it's our personal bond with these stones that truly unlocks their potential.

So, as we wrap up this crystal journey, let's remember to embrace the wonder and magic they bring. Let's stay curious, trust our feelings, and always be open to the enchanting tales and energies the crystal realm offers.

FAQ About Crystal Reading

1: Can I get a Crystal Reading Remotely?

Yes, you can get your crystal reading online via chat or even over the phone. It does not matter how you get your reading. The most important thing is that the psychic reader is experienced and has great knowledge about crystals and their benefits. 

2: How do I know which crystal to choose?

Always follow your intuition. Even when the psychic had recommended some crystals for you then make sure that you choose them yourself. Go a store and hold the crystals in your hand. Feel their vibration and energy. Pick the one that feels best for you. 

3: Can I give someone crystals as a present?

Yes of course you can. Like we said, it is always best to choose your crystals your self when you are in need of their assistance. But crystals can also be a great gift for anyone who needs them. 

4: Can I get a crystal reading for someone else?

Yes, you can get a crystal reading for your child, your partner or even a good friend. The psychic will focus in the energy of the person you are getting the reading for and this way they can determine which crystal would be most beneficial to them.

5: Is a bigger crystal more powerful? 

Yes, the bigger the crystal is the more energy it holds. That being said, a small crystal that you wear against your skin is very powerful as it touches your aura, your energyfield and is therefore a good alternative for lets say a big crystal that you keep next to your bed. Of course you can choose both. Crystal are a powerful tool that can transform the energy in your house as well. 

This article is written by Junaid Zubair, expertise in the field of spirituality and psychic phenomena.  

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